Leadership Development


Military & Police Chaplains in Africa

Africa Center for Mentorship (ACM) provides the training for chaplains in Africa to strengthen the chaplains’ ability to effectively advise military leaders on matters on morale and morals in the execution of their duties to their nations. To achieve this goal, ACM has developed a two-prong approach: 1. Partnership with the United States Air Force Chaplain Corps in modeling leadership advisement at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. 2. Partnership with the Strong Bonds leadership development toolkit to enhance programs and training for warrior care in African countries. Certified trainers and facilitators provide Strong Bonds training and expose attendees to the many programs available for certification to enhance their specific ministry goals in their respective countries.

Professional Development Education Phase 1: Basic Chaplain Course

The first phase of the training program is a three-week Basic Chaplain Course. The program focuses on helping military chaplains understand the broad nature of their work. It provides hands-on training from certified chaplains and professional counselors. The location of the annual training is usually Nairobi, Kenya. For the date of the next training and specific location and cost, please refer our “schedules and programs” or email our organizational inbox at info@ac4m.org.

Topics covered in phase 1 include:

  • Active Relationships
  • Family Wellness for Families
  • 7 Habits of a Successful Military Family
  • Speed of Trust for Strong Marriages
  • Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills, and
  • other optional programs for Healthy Relationship Education.
Professional Development Education Phase 2: Senior Chaplain Course

This course builds on the first phase provided in Nairobi, Kenya. Therefore, successful completion of phase 1 is a requirement. However, experience and commensurate training will be considered if the leadership of the senior chaplain approves the course attendance. The location for this two-weeks course is Montgomery, AL. For a detailed description of the course contents, schedule, and cost, please refer to course description and schedule or email us at info@ac4m.org.

In this phase we shift attention to matters relevant for senior chaplains as they provide leadership and supervision for other chaplains. Topics covered in this training include:

  • The role of the chaplain in developing and mentoring leaders in their own cultures
  • Understanding military organizational culture and why it is important for nation building.
  • Exploring resilient families in the military through personality inventories
  • Advancing effective conflict resolution through a proven structure of the chaplaincy
  • Translating counseling results into effective tools for moral & morale enhancement programs
Class Details for Senior Chaplain Course

5 Sessions of Classroom Seminar

4 Sessions of Senior Leader Installation visits (locations within 300 mile-radius)

Class Details for Basic Chaplain Course

15 Sessions of Classroom Seminar and Practicum

Instructors: Certified Strong Bonds trainers and USAF chaplains

Facilitators: ACM Staff

Tuition:  $2,150.00 for Senior Chaplain Course (covers registration and team travels to four USAF installations in 3 states). Cost of Hotel accommodation and feeding is separate. The usual hotel is Holiday Inn Express, 9250 Boyd Cooper Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36117 Tel. 334.271-5516. ACM will make group reservations for the days of the training. Individuals can add cost of accommodation to their tuition payment or can pay separately.

Tuition:  $1,500.00 for Basic Chaplain Course (covers registration for 3 weeks of training). Cost of Hotel accommodation and feeding is separate. ACM will make group reservations for the days of the training. Individuals can add cost of accommodation to their tuition payment or can pay separately.

Note: Invoices are provided upon request