Report of the Rice and Funds Distribution to Pastors

We give thanks and praise to our God for the successful outreach of rice and money distribution to pastors on 13/08/21. CLTM/ACM distributed rice and funds worth more than half a million Naira to 55 pastors. Glory be to God.

This project was sponsored by the Friend Christian Assembly in Friend, NE. They sent us $1,000 and someone added $100. This was exchanged at N495 plus the N5,500 CBN bonus of N5 to any $1 withdrawal. This totaled N550,000.

Each pastor got a 25kg bag of rice worth N5,900, and each also received N3,000 (except 2 of them who received higher amount because of their unique situation). We pray that these would be a blessing to the men of God and their families in these difficult times.

A big thanks to the committee and some of our leaders and members who sacrificed their time, wisdom, energy, and resources to see that this outreach was a success. Our ministry bus broke down on the way to Gombe on Thursday but they were able to fix it.

Below are pictures from the event. Thank you.

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