What we do

Services currently available and those to be offered in the future through ACM include:

  1. Mentoring Seminars for pastors and church leaders
  2. Mentoring Services for youth
  3. Mentoring Rallies for youth
  4. Pastoral Mentoring
  5. Leadership Training
  6. Theological Training
  7. Educational Scholarships
  8. Computer Skills Training
  9. Women Empowerment for a Better Life
  10. Crisis Pregnancy Services
  11. HIV/A.I.D.S. Awareness Campaigns
  12. Abstinence Programs

Mentoring services

Coming soon.

Computer Skills Training

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Training Services

ACM provides the training for chaplains in Africa to strengthen the chaplains’ ability to effectively advise military leaders on matters on morale and morals in the execution of their duties to their nations. To achieve this goal, ACM has developed a two-prong approach:

1. Partnership with the United States Air Force Chaplain Corps in modeling leadership advisement at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

2. Partnership with the Strong Bonds leadership development toolkit to enhance programs and training for warrior care in African countries.

Certified trainers and facilitators provide Strong Bonds training and expose attendees to the many programs available for certification to enhance their specific ministry goals in their respective countries. Please click here for more information.


Coming soon.

Previous ACM Events
Summer Classes & seminars in Jos Nigeria

Picture collections of Rev. Bitrus Cobongs, Rev. Jeremiah Gado, and other Pastors during Summer Classes at JETS and Church Resource Ministry seminar at Miango, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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Church Service, Siminar & Fundraising

Picture collections of Rev. Bitrus Cobongs, Rev. Jeremiah Gado, and other Pastors during leadership seminar and other church events in Billiri, Gombe State, Nigeria

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