ACM’s History


ACM was founded in 1998 by Bitrus Cobongs of Gombe State in Nigeria. Through his education at Billiri Bible College and ECWA Seminary, Jos, Mr. Cobongs became convinced that positive mentoring relationships were the key to success in life and ministry. He began seeking ways to offer mentoring training and opportunities to the local pastors and youth, and as a result, Africa Center for Mentorship was formed.

Over the past six years, ACM has begun to expand in many ways. Official registration with the Nigerian government began in 2000 and ACM was also officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States (the US Articles of Incorporation can be viewed by clicking here). ACM now has a African Director in Cape Town, South Africa, a national Board of Directors in Nigeria, and a Board of Directors in the US. ACM is currently providing mentoring seminars in 7 states and training pastors in Mentoring, Discipleship, and Social Responsibility. ACM is also providing opportunities for youth to be connected with mentors in the Jos area.

In 2003, ACM hosted its first annual mission trip from the US. Mentoring Seminars, Youth Rallys, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday School Teacher trainings were focus of this trip. Over 3000 pastors, church leaders, and youth workers attended these conferences. Vacation Bibles Schools were also held in two cities during this trip. In 2004, ACM partnered with the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Christian Medical Association to host medical clinics and Hyigiene/Aids education in about three cities. Finally, in 2005, ACM provided Leadership Seminars in three cities for about 150 pastors and church leaders. The topics covered were Spiritual Leadership, Principles of Biblical Leadership, The Church’s Response to Social Issues, Conclave of the Elite in the modern Church, and Discipleship. The pastors each recieved a copy of “The Book on Leadership” by John MacArthur. By God’s grace, ACM is continuing to host a mission trip each year to encourage and train future church leaders in Nigeria.

An opportunity arose in 2006 for ACM to further expand it’s ministry into other areas of Africa. Church Resource Ministries expressed interest in partnering with ACM to extend the work in Kenya and South Africa. After much prayer, discussion, and attending a CRM conference in Jos, Nigeria, the staff and board of directors decided to pursue this opportunity. ACM’s National Director moved to South Africa to further his education. His title was changed to African Director, and he has begun working with youth and church leaders at his new location.

ACM’s goal is to continue to teach and encourage local church leaders to invest in their youth, both as mentors and examples. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and it is the church’s Biblical responsibility to love and guide them toward lives of Godly servanthood. If the the church does not rise up to the task, the enemy will. Please pray for the churches and youth in Africa.

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