ACM/CLTM Mentor Cycle Talks

On Saturday 19th June 2021, ACM/CLTM held a mentor cycle session entitled Education and Ministry. The event was moderated by Rev. Andele Tadi (Founder, CLTM & President, ACM). The main Speaker at the event was Bitrus Cobongs (Founder & VP, ACM). Other speakers include Prof. Nathan Chiroma (Africa Director, ACM); Ms. Helen Bako (Mentor); Mr. Lamela Umaru (Co-Founder, ACM); Facilitator: Rev. (Dr) Friday Kassa (Mentor); Technical Support: Mr. Mela Umaru.

Summary of Contents:

2 Tim 2:1-15 as the guiding principle
1. Being strong in the grace of Christ (resilience= overcoming challenges

2. Ability to teach others requires that you are equipped & prepared

3. Reflect on the three Analogies: a. Military (follow the orders of your commanding officer, Christ) b. Athlete (follow the rules of the game) c. Farmer (work hard to reap a harvest)

4 Remember, the end goal is Christ (vv. 8-13)

Conclusion: Are you doing your best in handling the Word (v. 15)?

What do you need to further your education?

Ms. Bako discussed shared the opportunities available in the US and Canada.

Prof Chiroma discussed opportunities in Africa.

Dr. Kassa discussed opportunities in Nigeria and how to be resilient to overcome them.

Event pictures

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